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My experience with natural herbal abortion

Before writing this I thought long and hard about whether I should before reading any more please the paragraph below carefully.

This blog post is merely a description of my own experience. I am not advocating or endorsing this method in any way. Before taking any herbs do you own research. is a great place to start. I am NOT a herbalist and therefore am not qualified to advise anyone on this. Look at the side effect profile of each herb. I have listed some on this site but this site is by no means exhaustive. Herbs do not work in all cases. According to the Sister Zeus website the success rate is around 45-55% and it decreases as the pregnancy becomes further advanced. If you take these herbs and they don’t work and you decide to continue with the pregnancy you are risking damaging your baby. Think long and hard about what you would do if the herbs failed. Would you have a clinical abortion? Are you prepared to bring up a disabled child? And finally just to stress this point DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Please read the WHOLE of this blog, including the warning about the risks below.








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Some background

I was using contraceptives at the time I think I fell pregnant. The condom came off my boyfriend as he withdrew. I thought that all the sperm had remained in the condom but my next period did not arrive. I am normally as regular as clockwork and I was very tired with sore breasts and fatigue far worse than my normal PMS symptoms.

What I used

Vitamin C

High doses of vitamin C have been used by women for decades as a way to prevent pregnancy and terminate one early. It works by blocking the production of progesterone which is important in implantation of a fertilised embryo and in preparing the lining of the womb to support a foetus. It can be used as an emergency contraceptive.

It is important that you use pure ascorbic acid which is generally very cheap vitamin C. A lot of products also contain bioflavonoids which aid the uptake of vitamin C but also prevent miscarriage. Check the label and make sure the only ingredient is ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C side effects

Side effects may include abdominal cramps [hot flashes, flushing of the face, rashes, headache, fatigue, insomnia, constipation, gas, diarrhea, loose stool, abdominal discomfort, acid stomach, kidney irritation, and formation of kidney stones in some individuals.

Do not take high doses of vitamin C if:

You have sensitive kidneys, kidney disease, kidney stones, or kidney problems of any kind,

You take anti-coagulants [like aspirin or other pharmaceutical drugs], have sickle-cell anemia, or who difficulty metabolizing Vitamin C.

You have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency,

If you have an iron overload disorders like( hemosiderosis or hemochromatosis)

If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet be aware that high doeses of vitamin C lead to reduced levels of vitamin B12

This list is not exhaustive. Do you own research before doing this

Dong Quai

Dong quai cause strong muscular rhythmic contractions of the womb which encourages it to expel its contents. It works well with vitamin C.

Dong quai side effects

Haemorrhage, nausea, dizziness, strong unterine or abdominal cramping

Don’t use dong quai if:

You bleed heavily during a normal menstrual period

Your blood does not clot easily

You take blood thinning agents like aspirin or other pharmaceutics - clotting may be impaired and haemorrhage may result.

You are experiencing abdominal congestion and bloating

You have endometriosis or fibroids

Again, this list is not exhaustive. Do you own research before doing this


Various dosages are recommended on the internet. As this is meant to be a description of my experience rather than a how to guide I will post the dosages that I used 600mg of vitamin C an hour waking 3 times in the night and taking 1000mg a time. 1060 mg (in capsules) or dong quai every 4 hours through thte night after a day and a half.

The experience

I began taking the vitamin C when my period was 4 days late. The earlier you start the more likely it is to work and the less risk you have of complications. I used 200mg capsules and took 3 of these an hour, waking in the night. I experienced diarrhoea, stomach pains and insomnia but no other side effects. My skin looked really good too! After a day and a half of this I added 2 530mg capsules of dong quai every 4 hours. I woke up in the night to take this.

The morning after I started taking the dong quai I noticed a faint pinkish discharge and I began spotting thoughout the day. I carried on with the dosage and the next day my period was here properly. It was heavier and more clotty than normal. At this point I stopped taking anything. This is important as once you have started bleeding properly nature will take its course and continuing to take high quantities of herbs can cause very heavy bleeding.

My period lasted a couple of days longer than usual and was slightly heavier than normal. I had a bit more cramping but nothing major – a pain killer sorted this out.

You can read about other women's experiences, including those who the herbs didn't work for here

For more infomation, visit my website

The above is intended to be an account of my experience. I do not in any way recommend or advocate this method. I am not a doctor or a herbalist. I feel that all women should have a choice about what happens to their bodies and that all women should have information on all possible avenues. Please do your own research and I would recomment that you consult a trained herbalist. I would also make sure that you monitor your body for a few weeks aferwards and go straight to a hospital if there is any sign of infection. If this does not work and you continue the pregnancy you are risking damage to the foetus.


  1. I would appreciate the feedback of anyone experienced in this area. I am unsure if my last bleeding was spotting or my last period and so am unsure of how far along I am. I did the prescribed herbal abortion with vitamin c and black cohosh and then don quai. Thinking I was six weeks then, now eight weeks. Nothing happened. Now I am firmly not wanting to have an abortion and am researching the side affects. I think I might have been eight weeks when I started the herbal abortion and therefore would be past the necessary developmental stages which put the fetus at risk of birth defects. Does anyone know if don quai or black cohosh are either herbs which contain teragens, known for birth defects?


    1. I know this is an old post but I just wanted to give my insight to others that may be curious. What happened to me might not happen to you. I started a herbal abortion around 7 weeks pregnant. I used dong quai, blue cohosh and pennyroyal tea. Had mild cramping but discontinued after four or five days. I decided to carry out the pregnancy. Nine months later (I was over 2 weeks late) I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who scored high on her apgar. My mom tried a herbal abortion with her second child also, which was unsuccessful. At the time, he came out healthy and the dr remarked he was the healthiest baby he'd seen in a while. my advice is to commit yourself fully to an abortion before starting. I cringe at the damage I could have done and am greatful my baby turned out fine.

    2. Can you tell us how much you used of the dong quai?

  2. Do you have to use the dong quaint with it?

  3. I've been taking vitamin c for the past two days and just started on dong quai, mine are tablets and have magnesium and a few other small amounts of things in them.
    I have been so focused on what you have written here as I am at the similar stage as you, that I accidentally took two of my tablets instead of one. Mine are 1000mg. I'm worried I might end up killing myself! Can someone please tell me if I should be worried? Sorry to sound dramatic, just concerned right now :|

    1. Well i dont know this is my first time trying any of this.

    2. Natural way of Abortion (100% safe) (200% guaranty) : Eat ripe Papaya 4 times (around 5kg) a day. Red tea 1 glass (water+tea+JAGGERY(gud in hindi)) drink 4 times a day. Do it for 5 days continuously. Stop it once when period starts.

    3. Vitamin C is like a natural cleanser and will not kill you. Cancer patients in other countries take much more than this. Just be sure you nurture your organs when your done. Your cycle should be heavy when it comes.

    4. Did you have any success with this??

  4. Well i am almost 8 weeks and wants to try this. Do anyone know if it will work or not? And where can i get Dong Quai from && the price of it. Im scared to use vitamin c && i tbink i am too far along for the parsley trick

  5. How have you got on? I believe I am just 5 weeks and would like to try this?

  6. hello everyone :) I am a lil bit worried to like all you guys. I'm 6days late and I really want this bad. I'm really afraid that I'm preggy. My problem is, where will I find this DONG QUAI in the philippines?

  7. Natural way of Abortion (100% safe) (200% guaranty) : Eat ripe Papaya 4 times (around 5kg) a day. Red tea 1 glass (water+tea+JAGGERY(gud in hindi)) drink 4 times a day. Do it for 5 days continuously. Stop it once when period starts.

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  9. is there any food that are not allowed when taking vitamin c and dong quai?

    i read saw dong quai in different brandname., is there any specific brand of dong quai that is much effective? tnx

  10. I found out I was pregnant a week and a half after my expected period. I took two tests and they were both positive. I immediately research alternatives because I really don't want a surgical abortion. I started taking a high dose of vitamin c about 6000mg a day. And made a parsley infusion and take 6 tablespoons every 4 hours or so. Yesterday I purchased dong quai and take 2 500mg capsules every 3-4 hours. I haven't noticed anything other then some feint cramps and I'm wondering if I'm doing this right. Any advice would be helpful. Also, how long should I continue doing this? It's only been two days. And really just one day with the dong quai so maybe it's still too early

    1. Hey did you ever see results?

    2. hey wat is the result .. ? iam 5 weeks pregnant .. i need your help .. >

  11. Children are a heritage to the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward.

    1. So is the human anatomy and freedom of choice, ma'am.

    2. Mica....I believe this. I do. Yet, I am at a point with this that I never thought possible. So many factors....making the best decision I can....

  12. pls help...we're an I buy dong quai.
    I'm two weeks late

  13. I hope someone will tell me where can I find dong quai

    .I really nid it... tnx and more power...

  14. Hi, I would just like to ask if it still works after 14 days late period?

  15. You can also buy it online.

  16. My last LMP is may 16,2014. And I have sex with my boyfriend I know that I will get pregnant by this time. Bacause may due date is June 12,2014. Pls help me to prevent this pregnancy. Do I take vit.c as soon as possible? Before my due date? Pls help. Thanks!

    1. If you think that there is a possibility of pregnancy, go ahead and start taking the vit C as a preventative. It will help and may be able to expel the pregnancy on its own. It will not hurt to take the Dong Quai too as it helps to promote menstruation. Hope this helps.

  17. What if I don't have a dong quai? The vit.c will works properly? If I started taking vit.c before my due date? What doses will I take? How many times in one day? Pls help me. I need this very badly. Thanks!

  18. I came across this website while doing research on dong quai and about inducing periods. I am not pregnant. I have PCOS, 3 months late, have acne, feel desperate. Despite that, this method sounds just crazy. I would rather be used as a Guinea pig for medical community than try this. At least my death would contribute to something meaningful if I died in an experiment. Come on people, there is a lot of other safe non-surgical ways of preventing or ending pregnancy. Even using four regular birth control pills after unsafe sex can reduce the risk of pregnancy. It doesn't mess up with your body more than this method.

  19. Where can i buy dong quai? Send me an email please.

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